About Us

Our story

Founded in 2001, we started operations in 2003 at our plant in Mexico, focused on converting toilet paper, institutional paper, and napkins.

Since then, we have grown our operations to become one of the most important toilet paper manufacturing companies.

Some key moments in our history:

  • 2008: inauguration of our Tepetlaoxtoc plant, to start to manufacture high-quality toilet paper, institutional paper and napkin, and increase our conversion capacity.
  • 2018: inauguration of our Distribution Center in Texcoco, to push standards of on-time and complete deliveries up to 98%.
  • 2018: inauguration of our Huehuetoca plant, increasing our paper manufacturing and napkin conversion capacity.
  • 2019: expansion of our Tepetlaoxtoc plant, integrating a new paper machine and greater conversion capacity.
  • 2022: we integrated our american paper converting plant, in Houston, TX, to increase our conversion capacity and focus on our clients in the United States.

About us

We are a 100% Mexican company with more than 18 years of experience in the manufacture and conversion of paper for consumer and institutional markets.

With our production units at Tepetlaoxtoc and Huehuetoca, both in the State of Mexico, as well as in our plant in Houston, TX and in our Corporate Offices at Interlomas, Mexico City, we are known as job creators.

Over the years, we have established ourselves as one of the top producers of Tissue paper in its different presentations, such as bathroom tissue, napkins and paper towels, becoming experts in the development of private label products for self-service stores and wholesale customers.

Our focus is to satisfy the requirements of the premium paper segment. With that in mind, our tissue and toilet paper are made using 100% virgin fibers with Responsible Forest Management certification, materials that help us produce our own brands of tissue paper for self-service and wholesale customers.

In each of our paper converting factories and warehouses, we offer the highest quality standards that allow us to offer our customers the best value propositions for their tissue supply Needs:

American Paper converting plant in Houston
4 production units in Mexico
Corporate offices in Mexico City
Annual turnover +200 Million Dollars
+1,500 employees

At home and in different workspaces, toilet paper is one of the most essential and most used products. That is why, as a top paper converting company, we work hard to ensure that our Bathroom Tissue, Napkins and Paper Towels have the quality that make the life of our customers much more comfortable.


To offer unique consumer products, developed with world-class practices, that ensure service to our customers with a high sense of social and environmental responsibility. Thus, improving the quality of life of our consumers and contributing to the environment sustainability.


To be the leading company in the production and distribution of private label consumer tissue products, with a high level of automation in the value stream, making us the leaders in the fastest growing markets of on-line and wholesale products, being the most attractive company for professional talent.



Quality Policy

At GCP Paper we are committed to manufacture high quality and profitable consumer products that meet the needs and expectations of our customers and consumers; through the implementation of technological innovation, programs and practices that comply with quality, health, safety, and environmental regulations, promoting continuous improvement of the company established quality standards.

This Quality Policy is reflected in each of our products: from the tissue paper at home, to private label products made according to our client requirements, and white label products available in different markets.